Fondé en 1957, le Café Lino Espresso était le tout premier commerce au pays à offrir des machines à expresso. Aujourd’hui, devenue une institution de renom, sa réputation fait l’envie de bien des commerçants.




Reber meat grinder EMYG 9501




The meat grinder fitted with a plate Agritech series with 6 mm holes, are available on request plates with holes mm. 4,5 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 20.
They funnel for sausages and crowns are also available stuffers (to hold in place the propeller of the meat grinder while filling)

The Mincer Agritech can be mounted, on the same engine, one squeezers (for tomato sauce and jam).

• electric induction motors, continuous duty.
• Cooling fan, fan cover
and switch-capacitor box, made ​​in plastic material.
• IPX5 protection class.
• Axial reduction to metal gears in oil bath
• The oil used is « Long Life » and is suitable for incidental contact with food; It does not need topping up or replacement.
• Body, propeller and ring nut in tinned cast iron for food.
• plate and self-sharpening knife in hardened steel.
• Motor with forward-gear drive switch back.