Roasting personalized service, bring your coffee beans and we torréfierons.


Lino Café Shop in Montreal.

Founded in 1957, the Café Lino Espresso was the first in the country to offer commercial espresso machines. As of today, the renowned reputation of this institution is the envy of many competitors.


The Café Lino Espresso's specialty is the roasting by a master roaster at the top of his game. You can enjoy your favorite blend of coffee at the shop located at 7050 boul. Saint-Laurent, in Montreal. At Café Lino Espresso, it is also possible to buy bulk roasted coffee beans and grounded by the house.


A refined coffee

We have the coffee that will appeal to your taste buds! Whether your favorite coffee is an espresso or filter coffee blend, a black or brown coffee, a light or dark roast. We offer a variety of coffees from several countries including Kenya, Brazil and Colombia, beans or ground in the grinding corresponding to the machine you use. The Lino house offers very competitive prices and quality coffee that will exceed your expectations on every point.


General info

  T. 514.274.6385

 7050 Bl. St-Laurent , Montreal, QC H2S 3E2.

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